About Us

Chef Sara and Peter

Crepe ‘Em Coming is family run by Chef Sara and her Husband Peter.  Sara, a lover of all things food and drink, is an Idaho-grown farm girl who left the Gem State for the Golden State for culinary pursuits.  Sara has always had a great affinity for food; she has a BS and MS in Food Science and has worked in the food industry for 10+ years.  If she’s not donning an apron you can find her somewhere outside (usually in the mountains) or by a plate of French fries and a cold beer.

Peter, a Mechanical Engineer at NASA Ames Research Center, Peter works with plasma wind tunnels to create and test the newest re-entry capable heat shield materials. When he’s not at NASA, he’s on board with Crepe ‘Em Coming working truck maintenance and functioning as support staff for Chef Sara. Many times, you’ll find Peter at the window taking orders and chopping it up with customers. Next time you say hello, ask Peter about snowboarding, you’ll definitely get a smile and a snow report out of it!

Together, we are Crepe ‘Em Coming and we are the Bay Area’s premier mobile crepe food truck! Our goal is to bring you the most awesome crepe experience you’ve ever had. We wish to share our culinary prowess and cultural background with you and we promise to deliver an experience filled with love, joy, and smiles through our sweet and savory crepe creations. Our concepts are not a means to an end, they are a journey into our hearts, our heritage, and our core values. When you eat with our family, you become our family.

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